Sending flowers to someone is always a great type of gesture to let someone know that you care about them and are thinking about them. It is also a great way to congratulate someone for some type of a life achievement, whether it is a wedding, the birth of a child, getting a new job, or anything else. However, the thing with sending flowers is that it can get pretty pricey. Sure, it’s a nice gesture, but you do not always have 50 or 100 dollars to spend on a gesture like that.

A good backup option for this type of scenario is sending a flower card. What is a flower card? It is exactly what you think it is. It is a greeting card that can be sent to people and it comes with a flower inside of it. It is a great gesture that doesn’t have to break the bank. Simply sending a card with a flower is an affordable way to let people know that you care. And it is not simply a card, the flower inside makes it a nice touch and a gift that is a little more special than simply sending a card.

When you are sending a flower card, you have thousands to choose from in our selection. We have cards for literally any occasion that you can think of. And since they are cheap to send, you can really send them for just about any occasion that comes to mind. You can even send a flower card wishing someone a good weekend, because it won’t cost you much to send that sentiment.

After you have chosen your card, you can get your own personalized message printed into it. The print is very high quality and you can not only choose what to say, but pick the perfect font as well. Even if you can’t think of something great to say in the car, we also have thousands of messages that we have created for just about any occasion and even that you can pick from. And of course, you can then pick what flower you want to send along with the card and the message.

It really is a fantastic thing to do, because it is not even as half as expensive as sending flowers is, but it means just as much. And since the price is so reasonable, you can send flower cards more often and show people that you care even more. It is the perfect solution for any type of greeting you want to send and it is a great sentiment.

Ordering is very easy. Simply go online to the site and pick all of the cards, messages and flowers that you want to send. Give the person’s address to whom you want the card sent and we will deliver it. And the flower will always be fresh and smell great. We even handle same-day deliveries for an additional price.

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